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This part of the home (the front right gua) is associated with getting you into the synchronicity of life. When you are in-sync, you don't have to expend any energy getting help with anything. It is also usually easier to make money and have less stress when you are in-sync with life.

helpful people Some situations when you would enhance the Helpful People and Travel Gua:
  • When moving or traveling.
  • When you feel like "if you don't do it, it doesn't get done."
  • When everything you get seems like it took a big struggle to get it.
  • When you are in entanglements where you need to be treated fairly.
  • If you are looking for the perfect person to help you with something.

    When this gua is working for you, you find the right people in front of you at exactly the right time. Maybe its someone you know, or perhaps it's help from out of the blue. It might also be an "angel from the other side" that helps out. That's why so many people use symbols of angels in this gua as their "physical anchor" for that intention.

    The helpful people and travel gua is also about being treated fairly and honestly, so, if you were passed up for the big office promotion and it was given to your inept but brown-nosing peer, enhance this area with the intention of simply being treated fairly.

    You can also use this part of your home to ensure a safe journey or to balance your travel schedule. Add an item to this space with these intentions and see if travels become easier to you!

    One of my favorite "cures" to do in this area is to place a little grey or silver box somewhere in this gua. One way to use the box is to write down on a piece of paper a "prayer of thanks" for some specific help you currently need. Let's say you were looking for child care help. Write something like "I now have the perfect day care provider" or" Thank you for the perfect day care provider." on a paper and place it in the box. Try not to have more than 3 notes in the box at any one time. In other words, check back from time to time and remove the wishes that have already been answered.

    Best Color Choice: Silver and Gray
    Other Good Color Choices: White and Black
    Good Element Choice: Metal and Water

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