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The fame and reputation gua is located in the central-rear portion of your home or office . By placing specific enhancements here you can improve how people perceive you. This area is about power as well. Notice how the king, judge, priest, minister, teacher, speaker, or political leader usually inhabit this part of the room? It's no coincidence. This is the spot that can make or break your perceived power.

fame bagua Some situations when you would enhance the Fame and Reputation Gua:
  • When you want to have a good reputation or improve on the one you already have.
  • When you need to summon the courage to do something.
  • When you want to be more respected by people or one specific person.
  • When you want to become well known for something.
  • When you want to get the credit you deserve.

    Take a look at your fame and reputation gua and remove any items that symbolize something you are not, or something you don't want to be known for. Then go ahead and add something that would make you proud to be associated with. For example, if you have a diploma or any awards, place them here. I once did a consultation at a man's office who complained that no one ever took him seriously. When I went to see what was "supporting" him behind his chair at his office, I found a big painting of a sad clown. So, every client who came to his office to do business with him saw this big, sad clown hanging right behind him and immediately associated him with this picture. And he wondered why no one took him seriously and he was not happy?

    Now, getting back to the king and priest example for a minute, aren't they usually sitting in a chair that has a very high chairback? Sometimes it is higher than their head. This is another way to garner the power spot - make sure you have support behind you in the way of a solid wall or high backed chair.

    And let's not forget about using the right elements and colors in this gua. A little red can go a long way. And with the best element being fire, a simple addition of a candle can be added and no one would be the wiser that it is there to help you out. My fame and reputation gua is in my living room. I have strategically placed a picture with palm trees in it (to add the element of wood - which fuels fire according to the element's creative cycle) along with some real plants. It is a very dramatic part of the room. By using a few simple tips like these, you can make big changes in firing up your fame and reputation!

    Best Color Choice: Red
    Other Good Color Choice: Green
    Best Element Choice: Fire
    Other Good Element Choice: Wood

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